Pain Management

One of the most troubling developments in addiction is the number of people who use and abuse prescription pain medication, known as opiates. Dependency on opiates often starts with a genuine need to soothe pain, but as the body becomes used to the drug, it builds up a tolerance to it. As time goes on, increasingly higher doses are required to produce the same effect. Eventually, the user becomes reliant on the medication, and it begins to take over his or her life. Because opiates are a legal substance which may have been prescribed by a physician, it can take longer for you or your family members to realize that what started as a medical solution to the pain you are in has become a problem in itself.

Once you have a physical dependency on opiates, the cycle of pain relief and addiction can be extremely difficult to deal with alone. A detox program is necessary to handle the symptoms of physical withdrawal. Sometimes, after the original pain is no longer an issue, a physical dependency on the medication continues to control your life. For other patients, the pain that exists from the original illness or injury is an ongoing issue which needs to be dealt with in addition to overcoming the opiate addiction. This can compound the problem, and a team of qualified medical professionals may be needed to help with overcoming both the pain and the addiction itself. We specialize in handling these complex issues, and can assist you with both aspects of your treatment. We can help you learn to control the pain without relying on opiates. You may also benefit from the support of our experienced counselors to work through the emotional side of overcoming your addiction.

In addition to helping you move past your dependency on opiates, we will also work with you to treat the pain using a holistic approach to therapy. The treatments we offer to help manage pain include:

  • Acupuncture
  • EMDR Therapy
  • Exercises
  • Nutrition
  • Pain psychotherapy

If your dependency on opiates is becoming a concern to you or your friends and family, don’t wait to call the treatment center for help at (561) 253-1550 today.

As you work through our program, you will discover a renewed sense of hope, responsibility and self-esteem. Regaining a positive sense of self-worth is an important asset in the struggle against a dependency on opiates.


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