Do I Have a Problem?

Realizing you have a problem is the first step to recovering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. The next step is to call (561) 253-1550 for help. Ask yourself the following questions to see whether you must make that call. Be honest. We exist to help you reclaim your life, and calling us may well be the right next step for you.

  1. Do you drink alcohol or take drugs every day?
  2. Have you ever missed work because you were using or getting drugs or alcohol? Include those times when you “forgot” work or lost track of time.
  3. Are most of the people you know also in the alcohol or drug scene, and drink or use with you regularly?
  4. Have you ever taken prescription pills in order to get high?
  5. Have you ever tried to stop drugs or drinking, and failed?
  6. Have you taken drugs or drunk so much you’ve blacked out?
  7. When you’ve been drinking or taking drugs, do you feel it necessary to apologize afterward for your behavior?
  8. Do you drink or get high on drugs by yourself?
  9. Have your friends or family ever expressed concerns about your drinking or your drug consumption?
  10. Has your drinking or drug use stopped you from doing things you used to enjoy?
  11. When you wake up, is finding drugs or alcohol the first thing you must do?

A yes answer to one or several of these questions means that you may have an addiction problem. A yes to most of these questions means you definitely need help. So, do not wait—call (561) 253-1550 right away.


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